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Photos of before, during and after installation


Trenchless Technology

Our crews use a vibratory plow which results in minimal damage to your lawn and enables us to complete installation in one or two days.


We will utilize various factors to make the best recommendation for your system. This includes:

  • Property size, shape, soil type, and elevation
  • Existing and proposed planting or hardscapes
  • Summer and winter temperature extremes
  • Water source, meter size and water pressure
  • Local plumbing and backflow prevention codes
  • Most recent water conservation techniques


Product selection will be based on the approved system plan and your budget.

Generally speaking, pop-up rotors will be used for grass areas while pop-up shrub heads, drip emitters and micro-sprays will be used for non-grass planting areas. The controller will be selected based on number of zones and location (indoor/outdoor).


Proper installation increases system performance and plant growth while conserving water. We have Rain Sensors to temporarily suspend controller operation during and after a rainfall. We also offer MP Rotator Nozzles designed to save about 30% of water volume as opposed to what is used with standard watering cycles.

For installation of all types of systems, we use the least invasive methods available including trenchless technology and a vibratory plow.


Innovative Irrigation, Inc. agrees to provide a 2-year warranty on all parts and a 1-year warranty on labor.